What is Floatation Therapy?

Floatation Therapy has been around for a long time and dates back to the 50’s and 60’s but has gained popularity in the last few years within Australia and abroad for the extensive list of health benefits it provides.

Not only does floating provide the floater with a unique, deep relaxation experience but the benefits that come from floating regularly in a high concentration of epsom salt and skin temperature water are inspiring many to ask “So what is floating exactly?”.

Well to summarise, a float session begins when the tank’s door is closed. Light is completely eliminated and sound is reduced to near zero through the combination of the tank’s insulation and submersion of the floater’s ears. Earplugs can further block outside noises. The air and water within the tank are maintained at a constant skin temperature. This neutral temperature prevents the physical and mental distractions caused by cold and heat. The silky nature of the solution further reduces the separation between the floater’s skin and its surroundings, so that the body seems to gradually disappear. The combined elements of the tank, therefore, virtually eliminate all external stimulation for the floater. Your muscles will begin to relax once your body acclimatises itself to the water and you will feel your entire body let go. We provide our floater’s with earplugs and a pillow to ensure complete comfort.

Floating is done in a float tank which is filled with 10 inches of body temperature water and filled with a high concentration of epsom salt (magnesium sulphate). The salt in the water allows your entire body to float effortlessly like one would if they were to swim in the Dead Sea.

In the tank you are given the option of music, guided mediation or complete quiet (after all everyone relaxes differently).

If you don’t fall asleep during your first float, don’t let this prevent you from floating again as its very common for first time floater’s to not fall asleep. It’s an entirely new experience for most and with the busy lives we all lead these days, it’s not unusual to take a little longer to let go and allow your mind to quiet. 

Health Benefits
Floating regularly has been proven to:

  • Improve circulation
  • Provide pain relief to sufferers of chronic pain including back, neck, hip, muscles, joints and migraine pain
  • Reduce blood pressure
  • Improve sleep and provide sufferers of insomnia with relief
  • Provide relief to sufferers of depression or anxiety by lowering cortisol levels (stress hormone) and increasing endorphins to promote a sense of wellbeing and happiness by creating an environment free of external stimulation to promote deep relaxation
  • Increased T-cell production strengthens the immune system
  • Regenerate the parasympathetic response, the mechanism by which the body naturally maintains chemical and metabolic balance. This happens due to the nervous system being allowed to reduce by 90% once the external stimuli are removed
  • Provide relief to women during pregnancy (We do not recommend floating in your first trimester but it is completely safe during your second and third trimester.
    For use during pregnancy, magnesium has been known to: 
    – Relieve muscle, joint pain and cramping
    – Reduce morning sickness
    – Build and repair tissue
    – Regulate sugar levels
    – Reduce your risk or pre-eclampsia
    – Promote better quality sleep
    – Boost the mood and regulate hormones

Once you have booked your first float session we will send you a “Prepare to float” information sheet. This should be read prior to floating and may help you prepare for your first float as well as answer any questions you have about the process. The more you float, the more it will just become natural.

Please feel free to Contact Us  and send us an email or call 0405 148 293 with any questions or to book your float session.

xx          The Bliss Beauty + Float Team





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